Preparation of advertising materials and consultations

Our company holds weekly training sessions for each medical representative that makes it possible not only to increase sales of the products provided, but also to improve the company’s internal environment. It helps to search for and classify relevant medical information; provides continuous supply of promotional materials. Our medical representatives regularly travel to pharmaceutical workshops in Lithuania to exchange experience with foreign colleagues.

Tasks of a medical representative: 
- Carrying out presentations and panel discussions in medical and preventive treatment facilities. — Continuous contact with distributors.
- Organising pharmaceutical project groups in pharmacies.
- Individual visits to physicians and pharmacists.
- Supervision of a merchandise display, remaining stock, goods distribution.
- Self-improvement and self-development.
- Participation in exhibitions and workshops.

To create optimal conditions for medical representatives, we provide: 
- Service Motor Transport.
- Laptop (with internet access).
- GPS Navigator.
- Mobile phone.

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